[Tagging] Proposal for standardization of sidewalk schema (+ import)

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Tue Aug 2 11:54:29 UTC 2016

On Tue, 2016-08-02 at 10:03 +0200, François Lacombe wrote:
> Philp,
> Pavement deduction from roads is a pain and often footway=* tags
> won't suit the mappers needs according of what seen in situation.

> What about a road where pavement are regularly separated with several
> square meters of grass ?
In that case they should be mapped as separate ways, but in a
residential areas, for example, links to the road should be mapped to
allow routing.

> Even if people can cross the roads wherever they want, routing
> engines should only encourage them to do so on protected crossings.
That is assuming there are protected crossings, where they will exist
in cities and large towns on arterial roads, but you will not find
crossings in residential streets or even town centres. In many cases
the need has been eliminated by lower speed limits and the shared space

> This is just because they will always be able to cross there even in
> case of traffic jam and the time given for a foot trip have to take
> care of it.
When traffic is slow moving or stationary, then it is normal to be able
to cross between the cars. In slow moving traffic it is normal for a
driver to slow a little more and wave a pedestrian across.

Your scheme seems to have been drawn up with large North American
cities in mind, and in situations where it works then there is no
reason not to use it. As an alternative scheme it is fine, but please
don't try to remove the mappers option to use sidewalk=left/right/both
in places where that is the most suitable scheme, that should be left
to a local mappers judgment.

Phil (trigpoint)

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