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>> > What should I type in for the network=* tag for the bus routes such that
>> > it is least surprising and least confusing for data users?
>> You have written a lot about operators, but these go into the operator tag
>> on the relation, the network is more about fares I think: if you can use
>> the same kind of tickets it's the same network.
>Cash and card can be used across the whole territory across different networks

To me, `operator` is the company that drives the bus (say, "Bus drivers 
Ltd") whereas `network` targets the global entity/company/consortium for 
the group of lines.

Generally speaking, a ticket bought on a network could be used on all the 
lines of the said network (even if the `operator` is different) of course 
following the network's rules.

An operator (O₁) can drive busses of two different networks (N₁, N₂). A 
network (N₁) can have many operators (O₁, O₂). A user buying a ticket for 
N₁ can use all of N₁'s routes.

In Geneva for example, we have three main networks: TPG, Noctambus, 

TPG routes are operated by: TPG, RDTA, …
Noctambus is operated by TPG
Mouettes is operated by SMGN

But then there is a "master" network: Unireso. If you buy a ticket from 
one of Unireso's networks you can use your ticket on all of Unireso's 

What do you think ?

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