[Tagging] Proposal for standardization of sidewalk schema (+ import)

markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Wed Aug 3 11:49:06 UTC 2016

[2016-08-03 00:27] Tor <torsm.news at gmail.com>
> Really? By removing the quick and easy way to tag pavements,
> people will suddenly start mapping pavements?

Thanks for pointing on this. I much agree. If in our rural region we
would start to map sidewalks (which we have not done so far, apart from
some experiments), we would prefer to do it in a lightweight way.

Sidewalks have few importance where I live (small villages in south
Germany), because you can expect that every street has one or two and
you'll find a crossing possibility without problem. And those streets
that have no sidewalks almost always don't need one, practically.
Hence, sidewalk information is mainly for fun, in my region and in my
eyes. I see no practical relevance for routing here. (Which can surely
be different somewhere else!)

So, if mapping sidewalks is a lot of effort (kerbs and such), there
will be few motivation to do it at all. Having it as trivial as
possible increases the probability of users doing it.

I'd suggest to keep both possibilities: simple/basic mapping and
complex/sophisticated mapping of sidewalks, thus letting the mappers
choose what is more appropriate in the specific case.


Standardization does not need to eliminate all but one.

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