[Tagging] Tagging of larger surfaces for rendering and routing

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Aug 14 21:24:15 UTC 2016

On zondag 14 augustus 2016 22:43:04 CEST, Marc Gemis wrote:
> IMHO, the value of the highway tag should define its use, not the
> surface from which it is made.
> So highway=pedestrian (or service or ...), surface=grass; area=yes
> makes more sense to me
> (or would you start defining highway=paving_stones, cobblestones, etc.
> as well ?).

It seems that many people in this discussion take the value "grass" so 
something extreme. The fact grass is used, is because it is currently hides 
the surface in the rendering, and no other common value of unpaved areas 
exists that fits the bill. Personally I find highway=service, 
surface=grass, area=yes appropriate for the camping site but not when it 
rendered as paved road.

> A renderer could look at the surface tag to colour the area. No reason
> to start inventing new values for the highway tag.

>From the github issue:

"Fundamentally, a map is not a vectorized version of a satellite image. 
Motorways don't have to be red on the ground, parking yellow, nor service 
roads white."

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