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Mon Feb 1 01:14:08 UTC 2016


The present wiki description;

/Forest. Sometimes considered to have restricted meaning "Woodland with 
no forestry".


/The definition then leaves 'forestry' up for interpretation.

I would rather have something clear!
//An area of trees that are not intended to be used to produce products./  ?

This gets away from;
If the area was logged in the past .. is it now natural?
If it was planted with non-native trees ... is it 'natural'?
If it is planted with grafted trees ... etc etc..

Conversely then landuse=forest would be

An area of trees used to produce products.

An example of products (not all possible products);
wood pulp
wood planks
wood beams

Edge cases - some can argue over :-)
sugartrees- produce maple syrup
rubber trees-rubber
tea tree oil
eucalyptus oil

I think those are all landuse=forest.

What say you ... ? Is there an improvement to be made here?
Is it simple enough to be;
easily interpreted into other languages?

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