[Tagging] Tagging "you pick" farms and related fruit stands

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Feb 14 01:35:46 UTC 2016

johnw <johnw at mac.com> writes:

> Usually, the farm consists of the orchards, greenhouses, and other
> areas that are used a farmland year-round, A gift shop that usually is
> a a roadside stand or small shop (shop=farm) which is open when
> in-season, but the entire place is usually a singularly named
> thing. The area where I live is covered with strawberries, tangerines,
> and apples - and almost all of the rural farms jammed up in the
> mountains offer this “pick it yourself” service at the farm, usually
> operated from the gift shop.

We have many of these in the US.   They are first and foremost farms,
and often sell already picked fruit or flowers, and also let you pick,
often by selling you an empty bag for a set price.

> How do I tag this kind of farm that is also a seasonal “you-pick”
> place? The small building that is a shop is easy, but trying to convey
> that there is a public “you-pick” while in season is very difficult,
> without making the whole farm seem like it is a shopping mall
> (landuse=retail seems really wrong).

as you suggest, landuse=retail is wrong.  It's a farm, and farm's also
sell produce, instead of it being a retail facility that obtains goods
From others.  And I don't see why pick-your-own would be any different
From already-picked.  The only real difference there is whether a farm
worker has put apples in a bag that you can pick up and pay for vs
paying for an empty bag and a license to fill it from the orchard.  So I
don't think the pick-your-own notion is very important to the kind of
place it is, although I understand that it can be important to some map
users who are looking for the pick-your-own experience for their
children.  Around me, there are places that are only pick-your-own
(mostly apples), partially (and varying depending on season and type of
food) and none.  Except for buying empty bags, they feel similar in most
other respects.

I think that some sort of farm:pick_your_own=yes tag is in order, as an
additional tag on the property, or perhaps the farmstand.  It should be
an annotation, not a replacement of the farm -- it's really just a minor
variation in how the fruit/flowers/etc. are sold.

Perhaps this would go with a list of food type sold already picked, and
a PYO list, and for each seasons.  That is getting too complicated; a
farm:pick_your_own=yes tag seems very helpful compared to the
complexity, and I'm not sure beyond that.

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