[Tagging] Confectionery shops

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Feb 15 12:03:56 UTC 2016

W dniu 15.02.2016 1:39, Matthijs Melissen napisał(a):
> Dear all,
> Currently, we have the following confectionery related tags:
> * shop=confectionery (12045 instances)
> * shop=chocolate (730 instances)
> * shop=pastry (708 instances)
> How should we tag a shop selling cakes? A shops selling croissants and
> cinnamon rolls? A shop focussed on chocolate, but also selling other
> types of confectionery marketed towards adults?
> Should we preserve the shop=chocolate and shop=pastry tags, or should
> we make them subtags of shop=confectionery (or shop=bakery)?

It was already a big discussion about "sweet" entries almost year ago:


It was triggered by my try to display it on osm-carto (which was 
eventually established):


There was no conclusive outcome from this thread however, IIRC. I 
remember that it got more complicated when somebody mentioned French 
"pâtisserie" and just a few days ago I have found shop=bakery/pastry + 
amenity=caffe object, which I could not easily tag, because all the 
functions are equally valid for me. We were not able to even define 
confectionery/sweets/pastry because there are many local sweets shop 
types in different parts of the world.

"Завтра, завтра всё кончится!" [Ф. Достоевский]

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