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johnw johnw at mac.com
Fri Feb 19 02:17:50 UTC 2016

There should be both. 

a single artisan clothesmaker’s workshop - basically his office and workroom is his place of business. Just like an artist’s production studio and his gallery space may be separate, so may any artisan’s shop.

I visit a yearly sale at a house that was converted into a pottery workshop. the entire place is dedicated to the messy production of clay objects. Two outdoor kilns are in the backyard (garden).  Twice a year, they lay stuff out on the grass and benches, hang stuff from trees and posts and have a big sale. 2 days a year. 

This facility is a craft=* , not a shop=* , like their gallery downtown, with pottery placed on shelves with good lighting and silken fabrics on every surface, and a sales clerk there to wait on you. 

Conversely, a “retail” alterations and repair shop in a mall is certainly shop=tailor. the shop’s focus is walk-ins for people to have garments sized, altered, or repaired. 

There are not many places left where someone will measure you and make anything (form clothes to shoes) to order. 
I think there are very few craft=tailor and few craft=shoemaker compared to retail shop=tailor and shop=shoe_repair, but they should both have separate tags. 

The last example I could think of is my own. I was an onsite computer repairman. I converted my garage into a full repair facility for my own business, with all the tools and racks I would need to repair Macs like I did for other companies. I repaired computers for 5 years there, picking them up and dropping them off from people’s houses. There was no "shop" for them to visit.  

I never had a sign, but if I were to map it, I would never choose shop=* or whatever it is for a computer repair retail business - as “customers” are not meant to be there regularly, and it is not for retail sales. There is a difference between a facility meant to do the work and a facility where people would come in and “shop”.  I imagine this extends to all craft=* values, and some others as well. 

So many artisans of any kind have a small building where they produce works that are sold - and maybe they have a little stand in the corner with some wares for sale - but the focus of the facility is craft=*.  And a retail shop in strip-mall, dedicated to customers visiting the facility, is certainly shop=*


> On Feb 18, 2016, at 8:42 PM, Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org> wrote:
> Tailoring is certainly a craft to me, comparable to shoemaking,
> both in creating a new suit and making alterations/repairs.
> However, while craft=shoemaker is correctly documented in the wiki [1],
> (usage 2520), the tag craft=tailor was redirected to shop=tailor [2]
> a year ago.
> Currently craft=tailor is used 1585 times, shop=tailor 4876 times.
> Some of the latter might include shops for tailoring accessories,
> aka shop=sewing (guessing - I don't know).
> I see no reason to discourage the more consistent tagging
> "based on taginfo and prior usage" as the redirect was reasoned.
> [1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:craft%3Dshoemaker
> [2] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:craft%3Dtailor
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