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Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Wed Feb 24 10:52:41 UTC 2016

The discussion seems to be happening in the wiki now

Where different people seem to be around. It's kind of tiring having to
bring up all the arguments again because some haven't followed the
discussion here.


> 2016-02-17 13:30 GMT+01:00 Max <abonnements at revolwear.com
> <mailto:abonnements at revolwear.com>>:
>     > +0.5, I'd actually make the latter contemporary_art_gallery, although it is long, it removes the ambiguity that art_gallery still has
>     yes, but then there are galleries that are still selling works of
>     (post-)modern, not necessarily contemporary artists, which they used to
>     represent when they still were alive and they continue to sell off their
>     stock of multiples. "Edition Block" comes to my mind, allthough there
>     might be better examples as they also represent many artists which are
>     still alive and contemporary.
>     it's complicated.
> I would somehow still find it pertinent to call those "contemporary art
> gallery", where the artists might be defunct but once had chosen this
> gallerist to be represented by him. Even if for an art historian the
> post modernists are no more "contemporary" in 2016, the gallery still
> can be called "contemporary art gallery" if it already existed by the
> time the represented artist was contemporary himself.
> Cheers,
> Martin

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