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Am 10.01.2016 um 01:49 schrieb Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:

>>> that should describe the architectural type of a building.
> In some parts of the world .. 'public buildings' do have an 'architectural style'.

please note that type is different from style, type is about the structure (e.g. one big hall vs. many small rooms, corridors? entrance situation, facades, etc.). If you look at the function, e.g. residential, there are many subtypes, e.g. detached house, apartment building. A multi-tenant residential building also can be of different (sub)types, e.g. how many units are served by one entrance or staircase, the spatial distribution of apartments and entrances / structure of accesses...

A detached house (or any other building) can have many different styles, e.g. victorian, bauhaus, ornaments or not, what kind of ornaments etc. 
Style is influenced by fashion, more generally the time of construction, the ideas that should be transported (desired appearance), etc., it's an important part of the message the building sends to its environment.

>> You could be right, but IIRC when discussing church example I was once told that it's not that building=church+amenity=museum is about describing form (building) and function (amenity), as I thought.

I believe it is

>> And indeed, we have some pretty popular tags like building=retail (~200k uses), which is mixing these two factors.

retail building is a kind of type, but a really rough one, department store, supermarket, shopping mall, vending booth  would be more specific examples.

> The requirements of the building occupiers do result in set relationships between form (how it looks) and function (what it gets used for).

yes, there is typically a strong relationship between the intended function and the concrete shape/form/structure.

While "public building" can be considered a type of building, it is a mostly meaningless classification, could be anything from museum, swimming pool or townhall to library or city administration, etc.


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