[Tagging] Public buildings

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 00:49:38 UTC 2016

On 10/01/2016 10:56 AM, Daniel Koć wrote:
> W dniu 10.01.2016 0:20, Tom Pfeifer napisał(a):
>> Both 'amenity=public_building' and 'building=public' are problematic,
> Sure.
If you search on the wiki for 'public building' you get 
amenity=public_building ... I think it should suggest building=public as 
the first preference.
>> but for different reasons. Merging their wiki representations mixes the
>> arguments against both, and makes improvements even more difficult.
>> 'amenity=public_building' is an unspecific use of the amenity key, and
>> should be replaced with a more specific value.
Probably more than one value!
>> 'building=public' describes some form of accessibility using a key
>> that should describe the architectural type of a building.
In some parts of the world .. 'public buildings' do have an 
'architectural style'.
> Just for the record: "accessibility" brings some unwanted connection 
> with "access" key, which we're not discussing now, as far as I 
> understand.
+1 But I think I know what Tom is getting at, Public as in open to the 

> You could be right, but IIRC when discussing church example I was once 
> told that it's not that building=church+amenity=museum is about 
> describing form (building) and function (amenity), as I thought. And 
> indeed, we have some pretty popular tags like building=retail (~200k 
> uses), which is mixing these two factors.

The requirements of the building occupiers do result in set 
relationships between form (how it looks) and function (what it gets 
used for).
However that are exceptions - a corner store can be used as a residence, 
resulting in building=retail, landuse=residential. Despite the 
occasional 'customer' entering the bedroom for a loaf of bread.
> But if we really want to separate form and function, it would be 
> better to not have something "amenity=public_building" (rather 
> "amenity=yes" in general, when in doubt), while "building=public" 
> sounds more reasonable for me (general category for building types 
> other than for private people to live in).

building=public allows for those buildings that have some architectural 
style that says 'public building'.
amenity=public_building conveys ???? Here is a building .. that is 
public .. but the function (amenity) is unknown? So why not use the 
clearer building=public? 'We' may prefer more specific tagging .. but in 
some places that may not be possible. And those that want to tag more 
information will then be looking elsewhere as to what they want to tag 
... amenity=toilets for instance. Or amenity=shelter.

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