[Tagging] Removing name_1 and alt_name_1 from Wiki

Wolfgang Zenker wolfgang at lyxys.ka.sub.org
Wed Jan 20 21:58:16 UTC 2016

* Mike N <niceman at att.net> [160120 21:47]:
> On 1/20/2016 3:39 PM, Dominic Coletti wrote:
>> I see 808,000 uses of name_1 and 65,000 of name_2.

> Many of these are from the US TIGER import, and must not be 
> automatically removed.  They would go into alt_name , etc based on local 
> knowledge.

The problem with that is that TIGER just gives several names for
a way segment without prioritizing them. Sometimes you can identify
some as mis-spellings but in most cases it is impossible to decide
from TIGER data alone which name should be in the name tag and
which one should be somewhere else. Hence the name_x tags with name
and name_x which are for any x presumed equally important.

That could of course be fixed with local knowledge, because many
of these multiple names are simply wrong. We just don't know which
ones, and for most of the rural parts of the US we don't have any
local mappers (yet).


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