[Tagging] Tagging scrapyards, junkyards

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 21 17:47:37 UTC 2016

What is your linguistic frame of reference? 

In the UK, the word "junkyard" is not used often and I would go to a
"scrapyard" (or even more likely a "breakers [yard]") for a "new" window
for my old car.

Far better to use longer, more descriptive words/phrases which are less
likely to lead to major differences in interpretation across the entire
world, English-speaking and otherwise. We shouldn't be wasting energy
arguing about whether to call an object a rubbish bin or a trash can. We
could always call it a "wibble" so there are no winners, only losers,
and everyone has to use a lookup table.... 


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>> A waste transfer station is a different operation from this one, which is a
>> place to store used parts for the long-term until someone buys them. The
>> things stored therein are not waste but resellable parts. If I want a
>> tail-light lens for a 1975 Ford, for example, the best place, often the
>> only place, to get it would be at a junkyard/scrapyard.
>> Thanks for the input. I've got some good ideas now. I now agree that adding
>> the tags for shop=car_parts and second_hand=only would help describe this
>> particular type of scrapyard quite nicely.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
> I thought scrapyards and junkyards were two different entities.  This
> is how I think of them.
> Scrapyards are places whose primary purpose is to buy items that are
> no longer wanted (typically metal objects) and then sell them for the
> value of their raw materials.  Junkyards are places whose primary
> purpose is to sell intact vehicle parts from wrecks to people who are
> repairing a vehicle.  Definitely not the same thing.
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