[Tagging] Tagging scrapyards, junkyards

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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] Tagging scrap yards, junkyards
> A waste transfer station is a different operation from this one, which is a
> place to store used parts for the long-term until someone buys them. The
> things stored therein are not waste but resellable parts. If I want a
> tail-light lens for a 1975 Ford, for example, the best place, often the
> only place, to get it would be at a junkyard/scrapyard.
> Thanks for the input. I've got some good ideas now. I now agree that adding
> the tags for shop=car_parts and second_hand=only would help describe this
> particular type of scrapyard quite nicely.
> Cheers,
> Dave

I thought scrapyards and junkyards were two different entities.  This
is how I think of them.

Scrapyards are places whose primary purpose is to buy items that are
no longer wanted (typically metal objects) and then sell them for the
value of their raw materials.  Junkyards are places whose primary
purpose is to sell intact vehicle parts from wrecks to people who are
repairing a vehicle.  Definitely not the same thing.

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