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> The wiki defines the tag tourism=gallery as 'an area or typically a
> building that displays a variety of visual art exhibitions' [1]. This
> is an officially approved tag [2]. In addition, the wiki page on
> tourism=museum [3] specifies that art galleries should be tagged as
> tourism=gallery, even if they have 'museum' in the name.
> However, practice shows that the tag tourism=gallery is not very
> frequently used. We have currently 54 951 instances of tourism=museum,
> versus only 1 505 instances of tourism=gallery. I had a look at some
> famous galleries: the MoMA in New York, the Uffizi in Florence, the
> National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Van Gogh Museum in
> Amsterdam, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, and the Guggenheim Museum in
> Bilbao. It turned out that all of them are tagged as tourism=museum.
> This might be partly caused by ignorant mappers, but perhaps there is
> also a more fundamental problem. The line between a gallery and a
> museum is not always easy to draw, especially in continental Europe,
> where many museums have both historic and artistic exhibitions
> (compare for instance the Louvre). Also the fact that many galleries
> are called 'museum' does not help.
> How should we continue from here? Should we try to improve the tagging
> situation? Or should we discourage tourism=gallery, making it a
> subtype of tourism=museum?

The art galleries that I'm familiar with would fit better under shop. They
sell artists work. Galleries in museums are rooms, usually devoted to a
theme. MoMA currently has an exhibit "Jackson Pollock: A Collection Survey,
1934–1954" in the "Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries." This room could
be appropriately tagged tourism=gallery, name="Prints and Illustrated Books"

On the other hand, Bill Traver's Traver Gallery in Seattle exhibits that is
for sale. It's tagged as shop=art. shop=art has over 5K uses.


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