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Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Jan 26 11:23:37 UTC 2016

W dniu 26.01.2016 11:27, Gerd Petermann napisał(a):
> althio wrote
>> It brings too much confusion, I take it for a bad case of duck 
>> tagging.
>> I would like :
>> - discourage tourism=gallery
>> - subtype of tourism=museum, museum=art just like
>> museum=railway/history, and further art=painting/...
>> - also redirect towards shop=art for badly tagged items
> + 1
> I've never mapped one, but I was very surprised to see
> that tourism=gallery exists.

I also like this proposition. I had this problem myself in my home city 
with National Museum and public gallery of art (Zacheta), which are very 
similar in what they exhibit. Probably National Museum:


shows also some non-art artifacts of historical value, but it has mainly 
art collections and "national museum" is defined in English Wikpedia as 
"museum maintained by nation", so the actual type is not necessarily 
different than national "art museum". I think that art gallery is also 
kind of museum when not selling and otherwise just the "art shop" (not 
to be confused with shops with accessories for artists).

So I think "tourism=museum + museum=art + art=*" scheme can be useful 
for distinguishing from commercial galleries ("shop=art") without going 
too deep into museum/gallery naming conventions, which can be 
misleading. It could be good to also have some tag for national museum 
(like "operator=national" or something like this).

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