[Tagging] Marking climbing proposal as "in use"

Anders Fougner anders.fougner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 09:06:41 UTC 2016

Den 29.01.2016 02.21, skrev Mike Thompson:
>     > Need rating (difficulty) tag for aid climbing[5]
>     Should not be difficult:
>     Climbing styles
>       climbing:aided=[yes|no]
>       climbing:grade:aided:[min|max|mean]=*
>     or so.
> What one person may aid, another may free (I am using "free climbing" 
> in the US sense  [1]).  A typical route rating would be "5.9/A3 or 
> 5.13" (in the US) meaning if you would free the entire route you would 
> encounter 5.13 climbing, but it could be divided into some 5.9 free 
> climbing and some A3 aid climbing.
Then maybe you could use one tag for each of those grades:
     climbing:grade:aided                     = A3
     climbing:grade: yds_class              = 5.9/A3
     climbing:grade:yds_class[max]    = 5.13

...or something like that.
You might even add a converted grade (although the conversion isn't 
unique since 5.13 might be anything between 7c+ and 8b):
     climbing:grade:french                    = 5c/A3
     climbing:grade:french[max]         = 8a+

> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_climbing

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