[Tagging] amenity=retirement_home and social facility

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Tue Jul 5 09:49:40 UTC 2016

Greg Troxel wrote on 2016/07/05 01:08:

> So this comes down to being difficutl world wide. I agree with the
> notion of the definitions and not getting hung up on the terms.

Yes, but as said earlier, there is a continuum of possibilities, in
particular if you interleave the US definitions you gave with other
schemes worldwide.

Also the same facility might provide more than one scheme. Finally,
the mapper needs to be able to distinguish them, otherwise they would
be misclassified frequently.

So my suggestion is to limit the number of categories, as some details
can be expressed with further tags.

> Overall, I'd suggest
>   senior_age_restricted_housing: no special staff compared to any other
>   apartment, but you have to be >= 55 or 65 and not have children living
>   there.

should not be under social_facility.
Give it a building=apartment + min_age=55

>   indepdendent_living: apartment with meals and housekeeping, but staff
>   do not need a medical-type license.  No help with pills or showering.
>   People expected to manage their own issues.
>   assisted_living: as above, but help is available e.g. to hand you your
>   pills from a locked box on schedule and call the children[...]

would prefer the two types above subsumed under assisted_living,
while the level of assistance can be indicated with further tags:

>   nursing_home: hospital like.  24-hour nursing staff.  usually 2 beds to
>   a room.

Yes, that was agreed previously. The number of beds might vary, often
depending on the price you pay.

>   continuing_care_community: used to tag the campus of a place that has
>   at least nursing_home and one other of the above.

might be difficult to be understand. Maybe the campus gets just a plain
amenity=social_facility, and the different buildings are then tagged

>   group_home: house typically in a regular neighborhood with several
>   people with some kind of issues, but who don't fit the pattern above.
>   Staff present, but counselors more than medical.  Almost never has a
>   sign.

As we can give it a capacity=5 vs capacity=755, we can keep old dormitory style
retirement facilities in this category.

>    hospice: facility that is sort of like nursing_home, but private rooms
>    and much nicer trying to seem home-like.  People go there when they
>    are dying and have decided to stop treatment and just manage pain. [...]

Typical for palliative medicine, yes, +1


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