[Tagging] How to tag: public lands that are accessed by permit?

me at chrisfleming.org me at chrisfleming.org
Thu Jul 21 11:31:42 UTC 2016

In my view access=permit seems like they way to go. Having
access=private with permit=something adds to the complexity without
adding value. Keep it simple.

On 19/07/16 at 09:54pm, Colin Smale wrote:
> The situation in the UK is that you basically have an inalienable legal
> right to pass over a public highway (but not to stop everywhere). The
> landowner, whether that be an individual or the state, cannot deny you
> access. Motorways are not a public highway - strictly, I think they
> should be access=permissive.

It worth noting that the Situation in different parts of the UK varies,
I think you mean England and Wales above. In Scotland, we have the right
to access all land unless it’s around a private house or building. This
means that outside of populated area any path is accessible, even if you
have to climb over a gate of fence.


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