[Tagging] State parks and state forests: specific tagging question, general mapping philosophy

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 27 12:57:07 UTC 2016


On 07/27/2016 06:23 AM, Kevin Kenny wrote:
> Even though I say it who shouldn't, I do a pretty fair job as a
> "consumer" of OSM data myself. It only increases my frustration to know
> that we could have an information-dense rendering like
> https://kbk.is-a-geek.net/catskills/karl.html?la=42.1694&lo=-74.1057&z=13 and
> don't.  

I think it is too much to ask of the map on www.openstreetmap.org to
offer the maximum degree of information density for all possible
purposes, and you should never choose your tagging according to "what
renders". I'm concerned to hear you talking of "telling as few lies as
possible" - it already sounds as if you're compromising data quality in
an attempt to "make it render". Don't do that.


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