[Tagging] State parks and state forests: specific tagging question, general mapping philosophy

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 27 13:10:56 UTC 2016


On 07/27/2016 02:36 PM, Kevin Kenny wrote:
> The part that I can't do anything about is getting hstore activated on
> the main rendering database. That's a matter of turning a switch -
> osmosis, osm2pgsql, mapnik, everything is ready for it - but this
> problem isn't important enough for the amount of planning, testing and
> downtime that would be needed to turn it. 

Who has told you that? I don't see (a) that everything is ready for it
nor (b) that it would require any downtime. For example I'm running
osm-carto with hstore and using views so I don't have to modify the
style; but it hasn't been shown whether that would be a good approach
for OSM or whether the carto style should be changed to use hstore
columns directly.

> Any change that
> fundamental is a risk to the project

It's a change that is more complicated than flicking a switch and other
things might have priority, but "a risk to the project"? Really? Have
you come up with that yourself or can you quote someone on that?

> no issue that is important enough to justify the change will ever arise.

There's quite a few people who have changes in waiting that are only
possible with the hstore extension. Of course there lies a danger in
that - without the excuse of "needs hstore", we might suddenly find
ourselves having to cater to lots of niche requests, aka "if there's a
tag to differentiate X and Y then I want to see that difference on the map!"

> That leaves US users in a bit of a quandary, with only a few viable
> choices: beef up openstreetmap.us <http://openstreetmap.us> to be the
> public face of the project on this side of the ocean (a disaster from a
> marketing perspective, to have two competing faces)

I don't think so. In fact I would like to see more regional diversity in
"faces", instead of everyone trying to cram their national specialities
into one central mapping style.

> I'm sorry if I'm prickly. I'm frustrated.

I think you're just too impatient.


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