[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Extending kneipp_water_cure

JIDB jeromeindenbergen at laposte.net
Thu Jun 9 19:53:10 UTC 2016


In April I posted a message here about a proposal to extend the tagging 
of Kneipp facilities. Thanks to some comments, I was able to improve the 
proposal. I have integrated the changes dirrectly in the existing 
(or in German: 
The "request for comments" is still opened. I will wait a little bit to 
see if there are more comments for the adapted proposal and then I hope 
to be able to start the vote soon.

Kneipp facilities (de) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/de:Kneippanlage>are 
popular in german speaking countries. But currently it is only possible 
to tag single foot basins (usingamenity 

The existing Tagamenity 
be extended so that it can be used as well for a foot basin as for the 
whole site of the facility. It is then possible to use it as:

  * as area for the site of a Kneipp facility.
  * as node for the Kneipp facility (In this case, both a single basin
    or the whole facility are the same).
  * as area for the main basin (old method, not recommended anymore).

New subtags allow to list the different kinds of Kneipp basins at the 

  * kneipp_water_cure:foot
    foot basins
  * kneipp_water_cure:arm
    arm basins
  * kneipp_water_cure:face
    face basins
  * ...

Positioning the single basins within the facility can de done using some 

  * kneipp_water_cure
    foot basins
  * kneipp_water_cure
    arm basins
  * ...

Other equipments (like benches or bare foot paths) can ba tagged as part 
of the Kneipp facility simply by positioning them within the area.

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