[Tagging] R: Request for new tag "natural=upland" (as way) orenabling "way" for "place" tags

Amacri amacri at tiscali.it
Thu Jun 9 21:43:16 UTC 2016

> On a general note - when things are mapped as nodes this is frequently
> done with the implicit notion that this is a location with a certain
> tolerance margin.  You might think of mapping something with a linear way
> as a method to specify an anisotropic tolerance, well localized in one 
> direction but poorly in another.  However that is not what you actually do
> when you map it as a way - on the contrary you much more specifically
> localize it.

I would ask you to elaborate your concept that I might not understand well.

As you mention, documenting the feature by highlighting anisotropic
tolerance of its extension, as per analysis of historical maps (e.g.,
official maps from one side but being the only source for data from the
other side, with no more information apart from some knowledgeable locals
confirming the existence of that name in the same zone of the mountain
reported in the source map), was the reason for considering to use a curve
rather than a point, not only highlighting a length but also its curve shape
and direction, where the curved line would represent the most probable
distribution of an uncertain named area.

A polygon provides additional specifications than a line and implies
knowledge of surface information that an historical map could not document
itself and that a mapper shall not arbitrarily add. On the other hand, a dot
loses the placement information offered by the shape of the text in the
source map, reducing the quality of information reported in OSM.



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