[Tagging] R: Request for new tag "natural=upland" (as way) orenabling "way" for "place" tags

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 10:14:07 UTC 2016

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> Il giorno 09 giu 2016, alle ore 23:43, Amacri <amacri at tiscali.it> ha scritto:
> A polygon provides additional specifications than a line and implies
> knowledge of surface information that an historical map could not document
> itself and that a mapper shall not arbitrarily add.

this boils down to the question whether it is better to completely omit the extension or to do a best effort approximation, which can still be refined later if necessary. I'd clearly prefer the latter. I don't think "arbitrarily" is a good description of the work a mapper will do in order to draw the outline.


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