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Amacri amacri at tiscali.it
Fri Jun 17 17:30:30 UTC 2016

Many trekkers and bikers consider that the current Mapnik style provides an
unsightly rendering of mountain areas and I am with them. Among the many
aspects that would need improvement, there is a need that notable places
which are effective references in a mountainous area could not only be shown
at high zoom level (e.g., >=16 or >=17) but also at medium zooms (e.g., >=13
or 14), in accordance with the common practice used in standard topographic
maps (e.g., 1:50000 - 1:25000 - 1:10000).


Those points typically refer to places of worship, campaniles, crosses,
towers, monuments, chalets in the mountains, shelters, huts and also to
elements that can be seen from the surrounding landscape or that are
viewpoints (e.g.,  places from which one can look in the distance and by
consequence that can be identified from a great distance).


There are reasons for the current situation where those places are only
displayed at high zooms: one is to keep coherence with the already well
tuned rendering typically referring to populated places: when systematically
highlighting PoIs of scarcely populated places at medium zooms, the
rendering produces too much density in cities and suburbs especially at some
latitudes. Another is to try controlling as much as possible the abuse of
tagging made by mappers that sometimes are wrong or imprecise but more often
improperly privilege information basing on business interests. Also the
current description for these aspects provided within OSM wiki is not enough
to define and explain a precise method that mappers shall adopt for tagging.


With this preamble, it might appear rather complex to discuss about a
proposal aiming to address a different visibility of reference elements in
scarcely populated places. Would it be possible or this will lead too far
away from the actual OSM/osm-carto implementation and trend?


I would propose to try discussing this topic though some questions.


Would you consider appropriate to define specific tags to be used to reduce
the minimum zooming level for some reference elements?


Would "landmark=yes" be appropriate? It is not yet documented here
&redirect=no but there is a discussion here
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Key:landmark. Is there some
allowance to be used it now?


Or maybe "denotation=landmark" shall be used, which is already ratified for


Would "tourism=viewpoint" be appropriate?


Which kind of element could be a landmark?


Would you consider appropriate that also "tourism=viewpoint" will be


What about elements that are both landmarks and viewpoints? Both
"denotation=landmark" and "tourism=viewpoint" shall be used?


What is actually a viewpoint in OSM? Do you consider for instance that the
churches in the above links are viewpoints themselves or just some
surrounding area close to them (so, not the churches)?







Would zoom=13 be the most appropriate minimum rendering for features tagged
as landmarks or viewpoints?



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