[Tagging] nursing homes and group homes

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Mon Jun 27 09:56:49 UTC 2016

Martin Koppenhoefer wrote on 2016/06/27 11:20:
> Recently we have discovered (in a thread on the Italian ML), that someone has deprecated amenity=nursing_home by putting a disclaimer on the wikipage [1] to use
> amenity=social_facility
> social_facility=group_home
> What do you say, shouldn't we remove this disclaimer from the nursing home page and shall we continue to encourage the use of the tag amenity=nursing_home where it applies to?

No. amenity=social_facility is a success story of structured tagging, and
nursing_home -> social_facility shows in Mathias Dahl excellent tag migration
analysis [1] as the tag with the highest transition count, thus excellent
acceptance among mappers.

A nursing home is indeed a social facility, and with the sub-tags of
social_facility=* and social_facility:for=* you can specify quite
precisely what type it is and who it is provided for.

I agree that subsuming permanent care under the type social_facility=group_home
is not ideal, and it might be possible to develop a better match,
such as social_facility=permanent_care (contrasting the =ambulatory_care) or similar
for this type, even social_facility=nursing_home could be possible.

[1] http://matiasdahl.iki.fi/2015/finding-related-amenity-tags-on-the-openstreetmap


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