[Tagging] JOSM preset with strange tag values

Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 01:23:00 UTC 2016

I recently discovered a preset in JOSM that should help in my work,
shop=motorcycle (See:Presets/Transport/Motorcycle/Motorcycle Dealer in JOSM
rel 9900). It is very detailed and would seem to cover every possible
aspect of such shops from clothing and accessories to service. But it uses
some tags and values that I've never seen and for which I could find no

In addition to the established tag brand which defines the name of the
vehicle's manufacturer, (brand=Yamaha, brand=Honda), brand as a value
appears as an offering for several other tags. Here is a section of the Wiki
page for shop=motorcycle

The following is a proposal to put this service variety into tags:

   - *sale=yes/brand/used/no/...* - sells whole motorcycles
   - *rental=yes/brand/no/...* - motorcycle rental
   - *repair=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/...* - repairs / maintains motorcycles
   - *safety_inspection=yes/no* - inspection
   <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_inspection> of safety/emission
   regulation conformance
   - *parts=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/...* - sells motorcycle parts
   - *clothes=yes/brand/no/...* - sells motorcycle clothes / equipment
   - *scooters=yes/no/only* - to distinguish scooter shops, very useful in
   - *services=...* - other services this shop offers

Note the tag "sale" which can take values of yes, no, or brand. I reckon it
means what it says but "sale" seems a poor choice for a tag.  (Note too
that the Preset does not offer "used" in the choices as the Wiki implies.)
If the wording in the Wiki is followed then this tag means the shop sells
"whole motorcycles" (as opposed to pieces of motorcycles) of a certain
brand. Fine, but the brand tag in the main section of the preset already
specifies that, doesn't it? Is it logical to expect a shop selling new
Hondas to also sell pieces of Yamaha motorcycles?

One could reasonably assume that "brand" in those other cases means
clothing of a certain brand, parts of a certain brand, etc., but what is
the value "oldtimer" supposed to indicate?

Thanks for your help and comments.

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