[Tagging] sloped_curb, kerb and god knows what left in limbo ......

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Mar 3 10:43:46 UTC 2016

Am 03.03.2016 um 11:23 schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> 2016-03-02 17:42 GMT+01:00 Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>>:
>     While the abandoned proposal seems to be more complete and I can't say
>     anything about the other variant because of the lacking
>     documentation, I
>     don't really care either way, it would simply make easier if we could
>     come to some consensus on what the actual current state is and
>     what the
>     preferred tagging is.
> I do care: prefer "kerb" for consistency, as this is Imperial style.
> We already had changed the "curb" to "kerb" many years ago, and IMHO
> there's no gain in re-introducing the yankee curb.

The problem is "we" didn't. As already pointed out, there is only a
proposal that has been bit-rotting for multiple years (it probably, when
used on a crossing node, should have kerb:right and kerb:left variants
for the asymmetric cases, but that is the only thing I see that might be
improved). There's not even a JOSM preset for it.


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