[Tagging] Draft of proposal tag 'sells' for shops..

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Sun Mar 6 23:11:00 UTC 2016

On 7/03/2016 2:32 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> Am 06.03.2016 um 15:35 schrieb Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch>:
>> * for a small number of well defined and documented sub-keys it is not particular nice, but can be tolerated.
> +1, I'd also like to see this as a generally rare exception and not as a good way to generally structure the information.
> It's an attribute that could cover the availability of some interesting stuff that can occur in different context, e.g. stamps, public transport tickets, maybe also tobacco or beverages or alcohol, ice cream, batteries, etc.
> cheers,
> Martin

So you would prefer






How then would you indicate that an expected (or default) thing that is not sold for one feature?



sells=no_beer   ????:-)


Note_1 There looks to be a need by nappers for additional tags like repairs/services/maintains too. See what 'sells' revels first.

Note_2 Editors should have a free text entry method to allow for things not covered by their 'presets'.

Note_3 I too see no need to go into great detail. These are extreme examples so as to demonstrate a method for those extremes.
Some want those, possibly to show faults with the method.

Note_4 Maintenance/verifiability. I have just marked a track as access=no.
It has been that way for a month or two. It maybe that way to December 2016 .. so says a sign. Will I remember to remove access=no at the end?
The more detail OSM has the worse the maintenance load will be.
That is no reason to exclude the information, those concerned will do the maintenance, weather it be for a motorway, a track or a shop.

Note_5 The shop key provides for any value .. not just "a small number of well defined and documented sub-keys".
I would think that editors and renders will do there usual thing and
not recognise those undocumented values (e.g. shops or sells values) untill they have reached some critical value of numbers/coverage/demand.
Though the recent JOSM presets for motorcycle shops shows a lack of regard to good tagging and reluctance to add undocumented values.

Upto date link for 'sells'


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