[Tagging] Draft of proposal tag 'sells' for shops..

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 7 01:39:52 UTC 2016


On 03/07/2016 12:11 AM, Warin wrote:
> So you would prefer
> sells=motorcycle;yamaha

I don't think that OSM is the right place to encode an ontology of
things. That there are different types of bread and different brands of
motorcycles, and that a "Yamaha" is a motorcycle while a "Hovis" is a
bread, is not something I expect do gather from OSM tags.

Frankly, with OSM not being a business directory, I don't even think the
particulars about what a shop sells should be mapped, except perhaps in
some limited cases. Just imagine what would happen if someone took it
upon them to actually list all the products sold at a supermarket. And
update that once a week.


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