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sri, 23. ožu 2016. u 11:22 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
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> What about Frankfurt (am Main) and Wiesbaden?
> Frankfurt has a population of 700.000 and a wikipedia page in 156
> languages, the German article lists 107 sources, it has no important
> political-administrative function
> Wiesbaden has a population of 280.000 and a wp page in 121 languages, the
> German article lists 122 sources, it is the capital of a German land
> (Hessen)
> both articles are very long (without counting they look similarily long)
> and have an excellence predicate.
There has to be a lot of heuristics involved here. I think the number of
articles in different languages and population should be the top factors
with cities. Just add different weights to those factors, play a bit, and
see what comes out.

NumberOfArticles*factorA + population*factorP + lengthOfArticles*factorL +
isCapital*factorCP + isVillage*factorV + isTown*factorT + isCity*factorC =

I'm not a mathematician, but I think that should work. Play with those
factors and make a list. New York or some mega popular city like that would
probably come on top, and just see which cities come on top of which. If
you don't like the outcome, change some factors a bit.

In your example Frankfurt has more people and more articles. It would
definitely get on top of Wiesbaden.

Listing sources is not very indicative of importance, it just says how
diligent the writer of the article is.

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