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2016-03-23 11:40 GMT+01:00 Janko Mihelić <janjko at gmail.com>:

> NumberOfArticles*factorA + population*factorP + lengthOfArticles*factorL +
> isCapital*factorCP + isVillage*factorV + isTown*factorT + isCity*factorC =
> weightOfPlace
> I'm not a mathematician, but I think that should work. Play with those
> factors and make a list. New York or some mega popular city like that would
> probably come on top, and just see which cities come on top of which. If
> you don't like the outcome, change some factors a bit.
> In your example Frankfurt has more people and more articles. It would
> definitely get on top of Wiesbaden.

this depends how important you factor the "isCapital" part of it. Wiesbaden
is a capital, Frankfurt isn't.

> Listing sources is not very indicative of importance, it just says how
> diligent the writer of the article is.


Another (less known example) to finetune your algorithm:
Sindelfingen, 43 articles, 62.000 population, capital=8
Böblingen, 40 articles, 47.000 population, capital=6

I'm not sure which one I'd see as more important, but likely Böblingen
because of it's administrative status.

Another example: Gelsenkirchen and Bottrop and Herne (and some more cities
in the Ruhr area, but I chose those because Bottrop and Herne currently win
over Gelsenkirchen in osm/carto).
Gelsenkirchen, 72 articles, 258.000 population, capital=6
Bottrop, 61 articles, 116.000 population, capital=6
Herne, 56 articles, 155.000 population, capital=6

Closeby there are also
Wattenscheid, 11 articles, 72.000 population, capital=9 (is now a district
of Bochum, but had rights like a town before 1407 and was part of the Hanse
from 1554)
Bochum, 74 articles, 362.000 population, capital=6
Essen, 96 articles, 574.000 population, capital=6

Interestingly, in this quite dense area, there are a lot of cities in a
similar size range and with equal administrative status (de:"kreisfreie
Stadt", independent cities at admin level 6, in this case within an
admin_level=5 entity (de: Regierungsbezirk). The amount of available
languages in WP seems to correlate well with the population numbers.

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