[Tagging] service = parking_access for main ways on a parking lot

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 27 11:29:13 UTC 2016

Whatever service=* value is used, we should try to make sure it is
related to the construction or topology of the road in some way, and not
to the many purposes to which it may be put is the necessity of multiple
values is to be avoided. A service road giving access to parking areas
may also be used to access offices or delivery areas, which could end up
needing multiple values like
service=parking_access;deliveries;executive_entrance. Either we create
values which don't require multiple values for the service tag, or we
accept that multiple values are part of the real world and just deal
with them...


On 2016-03-27 13:08, Tom Pfeifer wrote:

> Greg Troxel wrote on 2016/03/27 00:56: 
>> What I do is
> [...] 
>> * highway=service service=driveway
>> ways connecting to the real roads and sort of going near where you
>> are trying to go when you want to park in the parking lot (carpark),
>> just enough to be connected, and trying to pick  the places that are
>> more important/through roads
> Well this is an idea, however it is not what service=driveway was intendend
> for. It is another value that data consumers treat as 'minor' since it
> means a single little way into a property, and thus does not provide
> structure for the parking lot.
>> The latter is more or less what your service=parking_access is trying to
>> do.   But if for example you want to pick someone up at the front door
>> of a supermarket, and not park, you'd use them.   So parking_access
>> really isn't quite right for most of these ways.
> Yes, Martin had already pointed out that we should not limit the value to parking.
> Tod Fitch wrote on 2016/03/27 05:06:
>> It seems to me that any highway=service ought to have a service=* tag.
> Ok so you do feel the void.
>> Whether the specific case being discussed needs a new service=parking_access tag
>> or if service=driveway is okay would be the discussion I'm interested in.
> As said, =parking_aisle and =driveway are both minor, we need a classifier for
> the major service road.
>> To Tom's point, I think a roads for many commercial areas would have a big grey
>> area in deciding between driveway and parking_access as often the route to the
>> main entrance and/or loading docks is indistinguishable from the other roads
>> in the area that simply service parking.
> As =main is occupied by railway mappers, =access is still on the table.
> Another idea would be =major, clearly indicating the two classes of service roads.
> tom
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