[Tagging] service = parking_access (or other) for main ways on a parking lot

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sun Mar 27 13:00:12 UTC 2016

Colin Smale wrote on 2016/03/27 13:29:
> Whatever service=* value is used, we should try to make sure it is related to the construction or topology of the road in some way, and not to the many purposes to which it may be put is the necessity of multiple values is to be avoided. A service road
> giving access to parking areas may also be used to access offices or delivery areas, which could end up needing multiple values like service=parking_access;deliveries;executive_entrance. Either we create values which don't require multiple values for the
> service tag, or we accept that multiple values are part of the real world and just deal with them...

Yes Martin pointed that out already, that's why we are looking for alternatives.
I'm not keen to have too many values in the major category, but having it marked
would be good apparantly.

Mateusz Konieczny wrote on 2016/03/27 13:43:
 >> As =main is occupied by railway mappers
 > Is it even a problem for service=main to mean different thing on a
 > railway and a road?

Not a big problem if consumers can clearly distinguish them. If you
speak with carto experience and say that does not create problems, we
can keep it on the table, as it is quite self-explanatory.


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