[Tagging] setting proposals to abandoned

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sun Mar 27 21:23:44 UTC 2016

Shawn K. Quinn wrote on 2016/03/27 20:02:
> I can agree with setting this proposal as abandoned. However, we do need
> better tagging for childcare facilities and it is disappointing that the
> talk Monica Stephens gave back in 2012 has apparently fallen on deaf
> ears.

I just watched that talk and fully disagree. The talk was using anecdotes
as evidence and quite rhetorical. The proposal cited as example was rejected
because it was immature and self-contradictory and had a fuzzy scope, not because
the male contributors to OSM would not be able to classify child care facilities,
or not interested in.

The true aspect in the talk was the cultural diversification in educational and
childcare systems, which was insufficiently considered in the previous approaches.

These facilities are like the highway tag, they need national interpretation
how to use them .


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