[Tagging] tagging sport=shotput or sport=shot_put?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 22:21:39 UTC 2016

On 27/03/2016 10:24 PM, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> Warin wrote on 2016/03/27 12:09:
>> Correct. But the wiki page for Athletics has no way of 
>> noting/adding/separating the various sports.  And I think it too will 
>> fail due to anyway a mapper can see to map the individual sports.  In 
>> fact the wiki page on athletics in sparse on information as
>> to what it applies to, I assume it excludes running? The past 
>> sport=football failed for much the same reason I would think.... and 
>> now each type of football has its own entry.
> Yes and for good reason. Soccer and American Football are comnpletly 
> different sports,
> and have completely different pitches.
> But in this area you find a good example: Gaelic football (in which 
> you can use hands)
> used to be tagged as sport=gaelic_football, but that was deprecated 
> and replaced by
> sport=gaelic_games, since half a dozen other gaelic games are played 
> on the same pitch.
> Now you can easily sub-tag the specific games played on a particular 
> pitch, while
> a passer-by mapper can initially apply the major catagory 
> (recognisable by the high goal posts)
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:sport%3Dgaelic_games
> Athletics is another case where multiple disciplines are performed on 
> the same pitch/track.


Running sports have a particular track, not used for shot put, hammer, 
discus, long jump etc etc.
I don't think long jump pitches are not used for any other sport? Do you 
have an example?
Discus and hammer throws can share the same 'cage' ... but that means 
those 'caged' areas cannot be used for javelin, high jump, pole vault etc.

Sports that are played on the same pitch/track are not grouped together 
... for example netball and basketball can share pitches .. as they can 
also share pitches with tennis too ...

> So my recommendation is to tag all athletics facilities with 
> sport=athletics, and sub-tag
> athletics:long_jump = yes
> athletics:shot_put = yes
> etc.
>> If athletics is to be used it should be properly documented ..
> > shall I put the tagging of running under the key athletics to a vote?
> > Only 5,400 instances in the data base against it ?
> Providing a plausible alternative tagging scheme would work best here,
> see the success of the structured amenity=social_facility.
> I see no need to deprecate sport=running at this stage.

So .. you see sport=running as viable.
Then using the same logic sport=shot_put is also viable ... and so on 
for the other 'athletic' sports.


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