[Tagging] tagging sport=shotput or sport=shot_put?

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Mon Mar 28 18:53:16 UTC 2016

Warin wrote on 2016/03/28 00:21:
>> Athletics is another case where multiple disciplines are performed on the same pitch/track.
> No!
> Running sports have a particular track, not used for shot put, hammer, discus, long jump etc etc.
> I don't think long jump pitches are not used for any other sport? Do you have an example?
> Discus and hammer throws can share the same 'cage' ... but that means those 'caged' areas cannot be used for javelin, high jump, pole vault etc.


Not all on the same of course. But as there is a high chance that more than one sport
is performed on a particular one, as you just acknowledged, a yes/no scheme is more
helpful than a bunch of contradicting duck tags.

Example, small school sports ground with straight track used for sprint+jump:

Thrower place used for 3 kinds:

 > So .. you see sport=running as viable.
 > Then using the same logic sport=shot_put is also viable ... and so on for the other 'athletic' sports.

No I just said I would tolerate its existence. So will I also tolerate your thrower's pitch
tagged sport=shot_put, unless I see a kid throwing pebbles from there, then I'll come and
retag it sport=athletics + athletics:shot_put=yes + athletics:pebble_throw=yes, because I can't
encode the pebbles otherwise.


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