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That's right Dave.  There are quite a few historical differences between a Carpenter, Joiner or Cabinet Maker

Carpenters do the “rough” stuff of putting up timber for house construction, typically “first fix” stuff.
Joiners are called in for any complex joints or for making window frames, door frames etc, typically “second fix” stuff.
Cabinet Makers do the remaining “finer” work, usually separate from the house construction task, furniture, fitted cupboards, bowls, carvings (although a “Wood Carver” would be employed for the really fine carving).
An even finer workman who makes musical instruments is called a Luthier.

While these distinctions do still apply today people often multi-task depending on their personal abilities.

However, if you want to insult a Cabinet Maker call him a Joiner or even worse a Carpenter! ;-)

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I think it would be cabinet_maker.

Usually a person who builds houses is not as specialized as a cabinet_maker. A cabinet_maker would be the craftsman who makes the furniture and/or kitchen cabinets for a house when it is first built or during a remodel of an existing house.


On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:08 PM, Andreas Labres <list at lab.at> wrote:
What would be the "correct" English term (craft=* value) for a "furniture maker"?

And what if that craftsman works on both building houses and making furniture ("Bau- und Möbeltischlerei" in German)?


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