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On 31/03/2016 8:01 PM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> I think it would be cabinet_maker.

Yep. Cabinet_maker.
> Usually a person who builds houses is not as specialized as a 
> cabinet_maker. A cabinet_maker would be the craftsman who makes the 
> furniture and/or kitchen cabinets for a house when it is first built 
> or during a remodel of an existing house.

A cabinet maker works to much tighter tolerances .. 1 mm or less is 
usual. Hammers are used for light assembly.

The wood worker for a house is a carpenter .. they work to tolerance of 
5 or more mm .. hammers get used (sometimes with much force!) to correct 
'minor' alignments. These people do house frames, floors, roof frames, 
doors and door frames. They do not fit kitchens - that is cabinetry and 
needs a cabinet maker (unless the cabinets are 'flat packs' any one can 
do those!).

A person may have both skill sets enabling them to do both jobs.

> Dave
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 3:08 PM, Andreas Labres <list at lab.at 
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>     What would be the "correct" English term (craft=* value) for a
>     "furniture maker"?
>     And what if that craftsman works on both building houses and
>     making furniture ("Bau- und Möbeltischlerei" in German)?
>     /al
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