[Tagging] Proper Tag for Not-a-Roundabout

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 23:33:50 UTC 2016

2016-11-07 23:28 GMT+01:00 Tijmen Stam <mailinglists at iivq.net>:

> I have never heard that rule!
> In the Netherlands the order of priority is
> 1 traffic signallers (i.e. "appointed" people)
> 2 traffic lights
> 3 traffic signs and road markings (on equal level)
> 4 rules of the road

You are completely right, and the situation in Germany is the same :)

additionally, yellow (temporary) road markings have a higher priority than
white ones (in Germany).

> So under Dutch rules of the road, a situation such as the one Janko showed
> is perfectly legal (although I'm not so sure about the legallity of the
> "give way" sign being on the roundabout centre instead of on the right of
> the road - that'd mean you'd only need to give way before you hit the
> pole....

+1, also under German law the sign is "regularly on the right" or above the
single lane it is valid for. (source: link above)

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