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> Il giorno 28 nov 2016, alle ore 12:40, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> ha scritto:
> Do you mean visibility, or would legibility be better here? Maybe I can see a clock from 100m away, but it is not actually useful until it becomes legible at 20m.
> You use the word "readable" (=legible) yourself.

+1 for text, less pertinent for things like an inflatable sculpture or similar, also the values seem off from what I'd expect by reading their names.
"house" doesn't seem to be a good name in general, as it refers to a residential building, the least place where I'd expect advertisements to be mapped. I'd call it "indoor" or "building" and would expect it to mean something like 20m. 5 m is really nothing. Similarly, 20m is very few for the "street" scope, I'd expect this to be something like 50-150m, while area could be up to one or a few kilometers (if placed on a high building, and e.g. illuminated or light emitting at night ).

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