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markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Tue Nov 29 06:02:39 UTC 2016

[2016-11-28 20:50] Paul Desgranges <paul.desgranges at gmail.com>
> Visibility and readability are not the same, [...]

They also suggest different meanings, at least to me. When I
first read you message about visibility of public clocks, I
thought it would indicate from which directions or places it
would be visible, not the distance from where it is readable.

> -visibility=house : visible from the distance of one house (or
>  building), the device is targeted mostly for pedestrians, or bikers
> -visibility=street : visible from theĀ  distance of one street, the
>  device is targeted up to passers-by into vehicles going slowly
> -visibility=area : visible from all the area, the device is targeted
>  up to passers-by into vehicles going fast
> If somebody wants to make a better wordings, I would be glad

This is just like the smoothness=* case. Instead of having values
like ``excellent'', ``bad'' or ``horrible'', we now learned that
it is better to tag for what cases some smoothness is okay. The
same here: You'll always need the explanations above if you use
the values ``house'', ``street'' and ``area'', but you can get
rid of them if you just use the explanations themselves:

	- visibility=for_walkers
	- visibility=for_slow_cars
	- visibility=for_fast_cars

(I see bikers in the same case as slow cars if they are in
motion. Thus we should better not use the too flexible biker

I have to come back to my initial statement: The term
``readability'' would be the better one for this meaning,
as ``visible for fast cars'' is really something else as
``readable for fast cars''.

I'm no native English speaker, but I think it has to be
``visible from'' and ``readable for''. Thus, consequently,
the visibility should be specified with a distance and not
with the kind of moving vehicle, which brings us back to
the naming problem. ... These are indicators that there is
something clumsy about the current system. Before we extend
it, we should better double-check its sanity.


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