[Tagging] better mapping for embankments / slopes

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 12:48:29 UTC 2016

Currently we are mapping only one side of the embankment (I think it's the
upper side, but am not sure if the wiki says this explicitly), with the
direction. What we would IMHO need is a way to map the lower side as well
and to combine both. A closed polygon will not work I believe.

The obvious solution that comes to mind is a new relation type: in case the
upper end is mapped, draw a new way for the lower end and combine both with
a relation (possibly assigning roles like upper and lower, maybe also draw
lateral ways (ways that connect the ends of the upper and lower ways and
defines their shape) in cases they are not straight). (The type=area
relation does this)

Maybe it could also be done without the relation, simply by tagging the
upper and lower ways accordingly, and connect them at least at one of their
ends with an explicit lateral way (and respective tags). This would require
from the data user to topologically search for the embankment area in order
to be able to render it (or make other use).

What do you think, which representation is better? Are there alternatives?

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