[Tagging] Best tagging practices for winery "tasting rooms"

ksg ksgeo at web.de
Mon Sep 5 16:38:06 UTC 2016

> Am 05.09.2016 um 16:41 schrieb Jack Burke <burkejf3 at gmail.com>:
> I know of several wineries that operate a tasting room facility separate from the winery itself. I'm trying to come up with the right tagging scheme to use on them. Since they aren't located at the actually winery, craft=winery seems incorrect. In the wiki, shop=winery isn't defined, although that would be a good candidate. As far as I know, they don't fit the expectation of a wine cellar, so tourism=wine_cellar sounds wrong, even though some sort of tourism tag appears to be called for.
> So far,
> amenity=bar (sometimes with ;restaurant  added on)
> wine=yes
> tourism=attraction
> is the best I have come up with.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Wiki discourage the use of shop=wine and recommend shop=alcohol + alcohol=wine or shop=alcohol + drink:wine=yes.
But mappers don’t care and prefer the simple and intuitive shop=wine by far.* 
And thankfully shop=wine is rendered in OSM-carto (identical to shop=alcohol).  

See the tag history comparison of shop=wine vs alcohol=wine vs drink:wine=yes: http://up.picr.de/26732526kc.jpg
Chart created by Martin Raifer’s new tool, see http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/tyr_asd/diary/39402


*So we might adapt the wiki according to what mappers are actually doing.

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