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John Willis johnw at mac.com
Tue Sep 6 12:23:40 UTC 2016

Japan had huge protests and civil unrest when they appropriated land for the international airport in Narita - there are still houses in the middle of the taxiways today.  People broke into the airport and destroyed the tower equipment, hoping to delay the opening of the airport. 

They created huge police facilities (and a jail on the airport grounds), and while there are no longer any protests 30 years later, Japan still keeps a very very heavy (largely unneeded) police presence in the area and is the only airport in Japan with road checkpoints and "secret" facilities that don't show up almost any modern map or common records. Googling the name gave very little information. 

I mapped one of them, an active police barracks and staging grounds just outside the airport grounds. 


I mention this because, while it is not an intelligence service, it is a "secret" location. There are no signs. It is not mapped in the domestic mapping programs. It is not clandestine, but its presence (and name) is concealed. The workers may be police guards doing mundane things like car checks or patrolling outside the airport grounds, but the facility is "secret"

Perhaps there are other facilities - civilian, military, police, or intelligence based things that are obfuscated. Perhaps tagging that is useful. We all know where NSA HQ is - but is is not actively being obfuscated in mapping data. 

=Intelligence service is a good tag to have, but that doesn't mean it is an obfuscated location. maybe that needs a more flexible tag. 


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