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Michael Tsang miklcct at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 01:30:45 UTC 2016

On Wednesday 07 September 2016 23:51:12 Éric Gillet wrote:

> If there are platforms (marks on the ground, pole or shelter) made for
> waiting, entering and leaving the vehicle, they should be mapped as
> nodes/ways.
> In the case such platforms are used for minibuses, I think they are
> standard bus stops with both platform and stop_position and should be
> included in the route relation. Another criteria to think of them as usual
> PT stops is whether they are named or not.
> Éric

On some minibus routes, there are platforms (i.e. poles placed near the road) 
along the route but they are just for the convenience of the passengers. 
However, in most of the cases, these platforms have no legal effect and 
passengers can actually wait for the minibus along the route, whether there is 
a platform or not (especially in rural areas). When alighting the minibus, the 
passenger just calls out the place to the driver (e.g. "bus stop", "junction", 
"convenience store", "no. 23", etc.).

Does that mean I should just map what exist on the ground, without regarding 
where the passengers enter / leave the minibus?


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