[Tagging] Minibus routes

Éric Gillet gill3t.3ric+osm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 21:51:12 UTC 2016

2016-09-07 18:23 GMT+02:00 Michael Tsang <miklcct at gmail.com>:

> Minibuses have fixed route but not fixed stops (i.e. you can catch it
> anywhere
> along the route). When I map those routes, should I put in the platforms
> and
> route without putting in any stop position?

If there are platforms (marks on the ground, pole or shelter) made for
waiting, entering and leaving the vehicle, they should be mapped as

In the case such platforms are used for minibuses, I think they are
standard bus stops with both platform and stop_position and should be
included in the route relation. Another criteria to think of them as usual
PT stops is whether they are named or not.

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