[Tagging] Minibus routes

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:19:36 UTC 2016

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> Il giorno 08 set 2016, alle ore 08:32, √Čric Gillet <gill3t.3ric+osm at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Two more questions that could settle whether they should be included :
> - Is there a timetable mentionning those platforms ? 

in Rome there are no timetables for regular busses, but there are maps of the lines of course. You simply wait at the bus stop for your bus to come. 

> - Are those built/maintained by the bus company or a related contractor ?

it doesn't matter who builds or maintains the bus stop, the important thing is that the bus stops there. There could be a contractor building and maintaining them, also for "free" (financing them through advertising, that's what Wall AG does for instance)


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