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2016-09-08 3:30 GMT+02:00 Michael Tsang <miklcct at gmail.com>:

> On some minibus routes, there are platforms (i.e. poles placed near the
> road)
> along the route but they are just for the convenience of the passengers.
> However, in most of the cases, these platforms have no legal effect and
> passengers can actually wait for the minibus along the route, whether
> there is
> a platform or not (especially in rural areas). When alighting the minibus,
> the
> passenger just calls out the place to the driver (e.g. "bus stop",
> "junction",
> "convenience store", "no. 23", etc.).
> Does that mean I should just map what exist on the ground, without
> regarding
> where the passengers enter / leave the minibus?

If something exists on the ground, it should be mapped when possible.
What's not 100% sure for me is whether to include them in route relations.

In my experience "regular" bus services are not expected to stop on
designated bus stops if no one want to get off or come aboard, so it's
kinda the same with these minibuses.

Two more questions that could settle whether they should be included :
- Is there a timetable mentionning those platforms ?
- Are those built/maintained by the bus company or a related contractor ?

Finally, I don't think there is a a already-used tag to mean that the
vehicle can stop "on-demand" in the type=route relations, but feel free to
start or propose a new one.
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