[Tagging] Typo fix for tunnel=building_passage and how to proceed in the future

LeTopographeFou letopographefou at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 10:42:46 UTC 2016


I've noticed several typo errors in tag values. I would like to fix them 
when it is obvious. When they all came from one user, it's easy to 
contact him and agree on a fix. When it's worldwide and multi 
contributors it becomes difficult to identify the right contributor for 
each tag and contact them one by one (unless there is a tool to say 
"this value for this key of this/those object(s) have been assigned by 
Xxx, Yyy..."). In all cases I want to document the edit in the wiki. But 
do I have to ask for a vote/discussion for automated typo edits? The 
wiki is unclear on this point.

So I've made a proposal here for a first edit: 

Thank you for your feedback

  * vote is ok
  * don't worry, document and do when it's obvious
  * edit one by one/contact authors one by one
  * do nothing and let the time do his work
  * are you silly? automated edits are evil for typos!
  * ... ?



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